A Month Off :: A Trip Down Under, A Trip Up North & Some Birthdays To Boot


After taking a month off, I am happy to be back at it! I never really intended to take an entire month off, but it was definitely necessary. My last post was on February 28th! Yikes!

Australia_0005As some of you may know, my daughter and I won a trip to Australia. We left on March 3rd and I had every intention of starting back up when we returned. Right before we left for Australia we found out that my Grammy’s health was declining. When we returned from our amazing travels, we decided to head up to Northern California for a visit. I think I was home for 48 hours, which didn’t even allow time to unpack, and we were back on the road!birthday

It was a very brief trip, but a very sweet trip. We spent our time with family and had some precious hours with Grammy. It’s hard to say how long she has.  Could be soon, could be a year. But, I needed that peace of knowing I had time with her. We also celebrated two of my ninjas birthdays! Morgan turned 11 while we were in Sydney and Brody turned 8 yesterday. Notice the ghetto candles {lighters} because we didn’t plan well!

Australia_0434So, here’s a quick recap of our trip! Morgan and I won the trip of a lifetime from our church.  Our pastors are from Hillsong Church in Australia and they gave away a trip for 2 to the Colour Conference in Sydney.  Colour is the Hillsong Women’s Conference that is put on every year. It was incredible!  The conference was indescribable. It was life changing. It drew me closer to God and to my little girl. The entire trip was amazing.Australia_0086

We had a few extra days to see most of what Sydney has to offer. It is the most beautiful city! The weather was hot, but I’ll take that over cold any day! We saw the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, many gorgeous beaches and even spent a day with Morgan’s best friend!


Morgan’s best friend is from Australia and was there at the same time. They picked us up in the city and took us out to where they are from. We went to see Koalas and Kangaroos and ate meat pies with them.  Morgan’s new fave!Australia_0473

I’ve spent many hours, since then, in the word and in prayer. I’ve been journaling and writing more and just focusing on the purpose that God has put me on this earth. There have been many contemplations over even continuing the blog. But, I do enjoy it. I love helping people save money. I love helping people stay healthy. I kept seeing random deals I wanted to share with you all but didn’t want the inconsistency of a post here a post there without letting you know what I was up to.

All that being said, I am continuing the blog. You may see less deals and more posts on how to actually save money with living a frugal lifestyle. Deals are great, and the savings definitely add up, but I just don’t have time to post EVERY. SINGLE. DEAL!

I hope you all had an amazing March and an even better Easter! I did miss you all and I’m glad to be back!!

And, by the way, my kids having birthdays is so bittersweet! They are growing up way too fast! I love seeing the little people they’re becoming and watching them grow. But my mama’s heart gets a little sad. I feel like they were in diapers yesterday!


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