Bird Theme Baby Shower {Unisex}: For My Sister Cherisse

My sisters, cousins, and I threw a baby shower for my Sister, Cherisse, last week.  It was such a blessed day and I couldn’t have asked for more!  They do not know the sex of the baby, but Cherisse is using a turquoise color in her nursery so I decided to go with that.  We chose a bird theme which was quite fun and so easy to do.  Birds are all the rage right now so it was harder to say “no” to cute things than it was to find them!  We made the pom poms ourselves, which are super easy.  There’s a great tutorial on  We used a whole pack of tissue for the larger poms, which makes them much fuller.

We set up a drink station and hung baby pictures of Daniel and Cherisse, along with a couple of their prego pictures.  I found some cute cardboard bird cutouts at Michaels that I painted blue and hung those as well.

The paper straws were probably my favorite item at the shower!  They add such a nice touch.  I ordered them on Amazon and they were absolutely wonderful!  They even lasted the entire shower {these are called Sipsticks, the other brands have bad reviews}. I made personalized tags for each guest by printing the guest list on pink paper.  Then, I cut them all to the same size and used a glue stick to seal them!

I {my hubby} made a message board out of an old frame and chicken wire.  It was so simple {I watched him do it and it didn’t look that hard 😉 } and looked great!  I found cute little cards and matching clothespins at Michael’s.  We had each guest write words of wisdom for Cherisse on the card and display it on the board.  The “Bird House” was a lantern I found on clearance and spray painted white.  This table also held our prizes and favors.

The favors were simple white votive candles.  I made  labels for them that said “Pray For Cherisse” and her due date which is March 18th.  Then, when she goes into labor, each person is supposed to light the candle as a reminder to pray for her while she is in labor.

We served a brunch which consisted of fruit, Greek yogurt parfaits, mini quiches, casseroles and even Krispy Kreme Donuts! Yum!

Last, but not least, were the amazing Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cupcakes by Cupcake Blake.  These were so incredibly scrumptious!  The cake was so moist and the frosting, made of real peanut butter, was to die for!  If you live in the Orange County area, you MUST check her out and get some cupcakes!!!

The shower was quite a success.  I really am sad that it’s all over.  I absolutely love giving parties, especially to my lovely sister, Cherisse!  She deserves the absolute best!  I can’t wait to meet my little niece or nephew in the next couple of weeks.

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DIY: Dry Erase Message Board & Pencil Holders


DIY Dry Erase Board & Pencil Holders

Whew!  I finally finished my “January” DIY project!  I’ve had the stuff lying around forever and finally got it done!  It’s a pretty self explanatory project but I just had to share it with you all so you can beautify your desk too! The message board can really be used for anything.  I’m using mine as an “Inspiration” board.  You coulduse it in your kitchen for menus or chores…. anything, really!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Picture Frame – You could use an old one, I just got mine at Walmart – Super cheap!
  • Any kind of fabric – I used some canvas from drop cloths I bought at Home Depot.  This can even be changed throughout the year to reflect the seasons {I love pretty little things that are so versatile}.
  • Soup cans {empty of course}
  • Hot Glue
  • Needle & Thread {for the flowers}
  • Embellishments for center of flowers – I used rhinestones, you could use buttons or whatever suits your fancy.

DIY Dry Erase Board

First, you’ll pop out the back of the picture frame.  You can use that to trace onto your fabric and cut out that piece.  That’s seriously the easiest part of the project!!

DIY Pencil Cans

To cover the cans, I simply cut a strip of fabric that was the width of the can + about an inch.  Put a strip of hot glue along the seam of the can and start rolling the fabric on.  Then attach the other end of the fabric with one more strip of hot glue.  I then folded the fabric over the edges as neatly and tightly as I could.

On to the flowers… that was the tricky part.   Not necessarily tricky, it just took a long time.  You really could just buy some silk flowers if you wanted this to be quick!  I got the tutorial for the flowers from Jones Design Company.  I absolutely love all of her tutorials and she explains it much better than I ever could!

Once I had the flowers done, I hot glued them onto the frame and one of the cans.  I don’t know what it is about flowers and rhinestones, but they just make things feel so much more feminine!  In fact, although it was tedious to make them, I’m planning on making some more to embellish some other things around the house!

I have actually already finished my February DIY {which is top secret until the 19th because it’s a shower gift}.  Plus I’ll have a couple more DIY’s that I’m doing for the shower that I’ll share with you 😉

Happy crafting and pinning!


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DIY Desk / Craft Table Tutorial

We finished my new desk!  I am so excited about this!  I was really needing a bigger workspace but didn’t want to spend a lot of money and I really didn’t just want another desk!  I found this awesome DIY craft table  and decided I could do this too!  Ok, you got me, my hubby can do this too 😉  By the way, I have the best hubby in the world because he usually helps me with ALL of my DIY projects!

Here’s what we used:

5 –  1″x6″ Pine Boards cut to 6 feet {about $20}
5 – 1″x2″ boards for support {you could use 2×4 but we had this already}
2 – Table legs from Ikea {$20 each but there are cheaper ones}
Stain – I wanted that beach wood worn look so I found a grayish color {$4}
Wire basket and 4 screw hooks {optional} for storing chords.


First we {hubby} screwed the supports to the 5 boards.  We figured out where we wanted the legs and put the supports on either side of where they would go.  Then put 3 more in the middle.  Hubby then so kindly sanded the whole thing {I was honestly planning on being a more active participant}.


When we tested the stain it was waaaaaay darker than the sample in the store.  I was so bummed!  But, we tried applying a small amount and then wiping it away immediately and it looked great.  So the staining was really quick.  I followed behind hubby with a rag while he slapped the stain on! The table legs we got don’t require you to attatch them, we just set the table right on top.  Easy peasy!

Lastly, I saw this lovely idea on Pinterest, we attatched 4 screw hooks to the underside of the table.  I found the perfect basket at Ikea for around $3 {it’s supposed to go across the bath} and hung it on the hooks.  This holds our tacky power strip and all of those irritating chords!  Now I have a lovely desk that is large enough to use for craft projects.  Of course my hubby in all of his honesty said, “Are you so happy you have so much space to stack stuff on?”  Brat!  He knows me so well!

All in all, this was an extremely affordable easy project.  We will probably do another for outside because we don’t have a nice patio table.  Let me know if you try this!

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DIY Chore Charts + System

Ok, I think I’ve finally figured out a “chore chart” that works for us.  I have tried so many stinkin things and none of them are just right.  Lists work well for us so we have created our own.  I’ll show you what I did and then give you specifics of our chores and why we do what we do!

I was going to buy a metal peg board at the hardware store but found these cute shelves at Ikea.  Yes, they’re shelves, I just didn’t put them together.  I bought 4 and I believe they were around $5 each.  {I’m sure I could have gotten them cheaper if I went with a plain peg board but these were cuter!}  The white bucket for our dry erase pens is also from Ikea {I think like $3}.  The chore charts were put together with a good ole spreadsheet and then laminated.  I thought I had magnets around here to glue to the charts but can’t find them so these will do for now.  This may work better though because the kids can take them upstairs and check off their chores etc.

On to the chores!  Please keep in mind that I home school my kids which allows for more time…. and thus, more chores 😉  If my kids were gone from the home 8 hours a day I would certainly not make them do this much work!  To figure out what all I wanted them to do, I made a HUGE list of everything that needs to get done each week in the house.  Then I decided what I wanted them to do and what I would be responsible for.

Every day the kids have to make their bed, put laundry away, and straighten their room.  They have to wipe something down in the bathroom and they end up vacuuming 2-3 rooms.  They also have to dust something every day.  Some chores are child specific like feeding animals, cleaning up after animals, taking out trash etc.  They use a dry-erase marker to track what they’ve done and then I can see what they haven’t completed each day.

Over the past few years we’ve come up with a “Your Day” concept.  I go through the calendar and write the initial of each child consecutively throughout the month and when it’s the child’s “day” they have certain duties.  This keeps from fighting over the mail and the like.  You can see on the Chore Rules Chart what they have to do on “their day.”

I also pay a pretty hefty commission.  I pay $8 per week because I want them to learn the value of their work.  They have to give $1 first to church.  The rest is up to them on what they’ll save and what they’ll spend.  I also pay them pretty good because when we go places like Disneyland or the beach they have their own spending money.  BUT, they can also be fined!!  If they don’t finish a chore, it’s a $.50 fine.  If they complain, it’s a $.50 fine.

I hope this helps some of you.   There are so many concepts out there and things you can pay money for, but I promise you’ll end up getting sick of it or something won’t work.  Save yourself the time and money and just figure out what works for your family!

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DIY: Personalized Bottle Cap Magnets! Cute & Easy!

I posted this a while back on the old site but wanted to get it on the new one 😉
Here is a nice little craft that is easy enough to do with your kiddos, yet makes a very special gift for any occasion!  We actually learned this one from my niece Meg, who made them for my cousins baby shower.  Thanks Meg, for the great idea!!
My daughter Morgan is actually the one who did most of the work.  She made them for our dear friend Kristy and her new baby Hudson.
Here is what you will need:
  • Bottle Caps ~ enough for each letter of the word you want to say
  • Spray paint
  • Letters cut out from magazines or scrapbooking supplies
  • Mod Podge
  • Magnets
  • Hot Glue


First, you are going to spray paint your magnets the desired color.
Then, you can cut letters out from magazines {this is what my niece did but we couldn’t quite find ones we liked} or use letter stickers.  We found these cute black and white ones at Michaels and they were perfect for my friend!
If you are using cut out letters, you will need to use Mod Podge to seal them and attatch them to the bottle caps.  Mine were stickers, but I actually did end up using Mod Podge to be sure they stayed put!  I didn’t go over mine with Mod Podge just because they were 3-D and felt it would get too messy!

Lastly, use a hot glue gun to clue the magnets to the back of the bottle caps!  Voila!
Easy Peasy!!  And oh so cute!  We found perfect little jewelry boxes at Michaels to put the magnets in.  They were a hit at the baby shower {and so inexpensive to make!!}  I will definitely be making some “CLARK” magnets!!  And, if there are any baby showers I’m heading too… you know your present now!!

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My Office Makeover!

Ok, I finally finished… well as I took pictures and looked around I realized there are a few more touches I’d like to add but there’s enough to show you!  My Aunt Fef {her real name is Stephanie but I called her Fefie when I was a baby and now she’s Fef} was here from Colorado and she has a gift and passion for redecorating!  She also has  just about as much energy as my 6 year old so it was go time when we dropped the kiddos off at day camp! I will also include a little bit about how this was a Frugalista makeover!  Please forgive my photo skills… I only have my iPhone {not the Canon I want} so these are not as pretty as all you photo bloggers 😉

This is what my office looked like before… blegh!

And this is now!!!  Aaaahhhh… I love it!  The room behind the couch is the school room and still needs the striped panels and those awful sconces taken down.  But, the main focus was my office for now!

 I also am a hair stylist so I used my roller cart to throw some decor onto.  The lovely Eiffel Tower photo was taken by my sister in law Eryn and I got the cute little mannequin on super duper clearance at Pottery Barn yeeeears ago!  I think the bucket for my towels was a gift.


I got the couch at a garage sale for $100 several years ago.  It’s Cost Plus and sells for around $400!  We covered the cushions in 2 table cloths I got a long time ago {on clearance of course} at Linens N Things. The yellow pillows are slip covered with fabric I was given from a friends mom.  I also used it to make the adorable roses you see on the white pillow!  You can see how to make these at JonesDesignCompany  I love her blog so much you should definitely check it out!  The London pillow {my favorite find!}, Eiffel Tower Pillow, and Blue Rufflie Pillow were just purchased at TJ Maxx for around $15 each.  The vase and pitcher were also from TJ Maxx for around $3.  The tray is actually supposed to be a message board but I thought it was cute as a tray!  This was from Home Goods for $14.99

And this is my favorite part of the room.  I’m so bummed that you can’t see the pretty blue pool shining through because that’s what makes it so great!  I love love love the curtains!!  I bought this fabric at Ikea for $7.99 a yard!  The only other I found was Waverly or something like that for $20/yard!  I have more to make curtains in the school room but without Aunt Fef here I’m not sure when that will happen!!

And this is where the magic happens people!!!  This is where I spend countless hours finding deals for you!  The desk was my Great Uncle Kenny {who my daughter is named after – his middle name was Morgan}.  It was a boring brown and my wonderful hubby painted it a year ago or so.  I love love love it!  Some day it will have a pretty Mac sitting on it instead of my white trash version of a big screan LOL!!

Ok, this post took me just about as long as the redecorating so I’m off to enjoy some pool time with the hubs!

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A Sneak Peek…

Ok, so my little makeover is not quite finished.  Although, a huge majority is.  Just putting stuff away and trying to blog, clean, laundry, etc is making the finishing touches take a little longer than expected!

But, I couldn’t wait to show you a little bit of what I’ve been doing around here the past couple of days!  Can’t wait to give you a rundown and the full view!  I’m sure this doesn’t make any of you as thrilled as it does me… just humor me please! 😉

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